Monday, April 9, 2012

Old Pair of Jeans + Fabric = Cute Little Garden Apron

garden apron

I have a new article up on the Fiskars website today. When I finished it, I had one of those moments you get every once in awhile where your finished product is better than it was in the picture in your mind before you started. Isn't that the best feeling? Then I had that moment that we always have where the finished product never looks as good in the photos you take as it does in real life! So even if you're looking at this and thinking, " . . . OK," maybe you'll agree that the idea (which is not my original idea) is about as cute and simple as they get. An old pair of jeans, some fabric, very little sewing, and you have a cute little garden apron. My article is about Mother's Day, but this would be a great beginner's project for someone just learning how to sew or something fun and easy to make for yourself.

Instructions for making a garden apron out of an old pair of jeans can be found on the Fiskars website.

garden apron and tool caddy
When you're finished with your apron and wondering what you're going to do with the leftovers, my article explains how to make a garden tool caddy from the legs of the jeans.
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Valerie's Blog said...

I thought you were selling these. I so would be interested in 2 sets! How much for you to make me some?

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