Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cocoa Daisy

A while back I received an email offering me the awesome opportunity to be the guest designer for June for Cocoa Daisy. Lots of new scrapbook supplies and the opportunity to use my Fiskars tools, of course I said yes! There was some confusion about the deadline so when I received an email on Friday (the real due date) asking how I was doing, I panicked because I hadn't even started. If you've ever seen me scrapbook (Kristi, Sheri, anyone who ever saw me at a crop), you know what this means. I was going to have to bail on them, right? Well, if you've ever seen me scrapbook and think I had to bail, you'd have been proud of me. I did 4 layouts in one day! Here's what I came up with.


Ah, Fonzie. Love this little guy even though he's so much work. He's like a newborn baby. Unfortunately, it isn't a temporary phase. He'll always be like a newborn baby. It's a good thing for him he's such a sweet dog.

fonzie 2
Here is a closeup of the use of my Fiskars punches.

good grades
Next, I did this one.

good grades 2
And if you've ever seen me scrapbook, you know I'm never happy when I'm finished. So I changed it to this! You'll see the other version on the Cocoa Daisy site.

good grades 2 b
A close up. There are some fun wooden pennants in the kit.

boones bbq
Then I did this one.

boones bbq 2
Which I've already changed to this! The journaling area looked off balance and it was bugging me. Also, there is no kraft cardstock in the kit. I used the paper back the kit contents come in and adhered it to a sheet of carstock for stability.

boones bbq 2 b
A close up. Loved this red trim! I had this one little piece left over when I finished all the layouts so I yanked it all apart and stuck it on this layout with a Fiskars punched star.

boones bbq 2 c
And a close up of the journaling. I forgot to put an apostrophe in Boone's. There weren't enough apostrophes in the alpha set to put one in the title. I just plain wrote it wrong in the journaling.

jen and her hugs
I save the best for last! This was actually the first layout I did but I'm not completely happy with it. I'm going to add journaling. This one is about my friend Jen who hugs EVERYONE. Even the people who don't like to be hugged. And I've heard comments from those people who don't like to be hugged about how much they love Jen's hugs. Even the 10 year old boys love Jen's hugs! I'm so lucky that I see her a lot so I get a lot of her hugs.

If you're interested in purchasing a Cocoa Daisy kit for the month of June, go here. If you're interested in the Fiskars paper trimmer and the punches I used, go here. If you're interested in one of Jen's hugs, you'll have to come to Bolivar. You can't but those online!
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Emily Pitts said...

aw you sneaky kendra you! wish i could whip out 4 in one day. a week maybe, but not one day... love how they turned out. so happy you didn't bail :)

Michelle said...

These are great layouts Kendra ! You should scrapbook more often. I miss seeing your scrapping.

Jenifer said...

Makes me want to scrapbook =)

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