Saturday, May 19, 2012

Conquering Life (and Very Large Fritters) Together

I had a morning of garage saling planned with my friend Jen but a lack of affordable (mine) and/or reliable (hers) transportation to Springfield kept us in Bolivar. Did the word saling bother you? It bothers me! I've discussed this word with several friends and we've come to the unanimous decision that it is indeed a word. I think it just looks incorrect because it looks like sailing misspelled. This is the point where I should write but I digress. Except I think that phrase is so overused and I never liked it to begin with. It reminds me of digest. Speaking of digest.

05-19-2012  day with jen breakfast
After I picked Jen up, we went for breakfast at Sunrise Sugar Shack. We had Will with us because he adores Jen so much that he was willing to get up at 6:30 on a Saturday morning to go shopping with us. Will and I negotiated the number of donuts he could get. We argued over 3 versus 2 and moved on to 2 big versus 2 small. Jen settled it by suggesting we all share an apple fritter. Will's rebuttal was he should be able to get a donut, too, since I'd agreed to let him get 2 donuts. So he got the chocolate glazed. I also got the pig-in-a-blanket, which actually has a fancier name on the menu board. Sausage something. With the toxic level of carbs in the fritter, I knew my body would be begging for some protein so I got the fancy pig-in-a-blanket. Turns out, it also serves as a visual reference to show you just how big the fritter was. The sausage is the size of a "good" hotdog. We ate the whole fritter! I have to mention I was very proud of Jen because when we got back in my truck, she asked if I had hand sanitizer. The first time we went garage saling together, I stood with a look of horror on my face (I know because she looked at me with wide eyes and asked what was wrong) when she reached down and lifted the seat of a camping toilet someone had at their sale. We've had many discussions about germs since that day! We trade important life lessons. She's teaching me how to hug better (no back patting or long-armed hugs).

05-19-2012  day with jen farmer's market
We drove around to the few sales we found. We ended up at the Farmer's Market.

05-19-2012  day with jen garage sale
And we garage saled some more. I'm taking a lot of liberty with the word sale today! Will got upset because I sent him to the truck to get my change purse and in the process, he managed to drop the tiny key to his new tiny lock in the housing of the steering wheel. So he sulked the rest of the morning instead of hanging out with us.

After that we went to the BAMA thrift store where Jen faltered. She was looking at a swimsuit when it happened. I have found the purchase of used swimwear is a highly debatable subject. I say absolutely not because it's like buying used underwear. I have good friends who say since you wash them and they are usually in chlorine, it's OK. I still love them even if they are wrong. So while Jen was looking at the swimsuit, she accidentally touched the crotch and immediately looked at me with wide eyes. Progress! She realized all on her own and it was a proud moment. It was followed up with a good dose of hand sanitizer as soon as she got back in the truck.

We laughed a lot. We talked a lot. I mentioned at one point that I would really like to see Mumford and Sons in concert but that wouldn't be happening since it would require overseas travel.

I found this video of Roll Away your Stone yesterday. I love how passionately they all play and the foot stomping hooked me. So it goes on the bucket list. A Mumford and Sons concert. But, like I said, it would require overseas travel and I don't even own a suitcase. True story. To which Jen replied, "I have that covered!"

05-19-2012  day with jen garage sale 2
Her first purchase of the day! We discussed the fact that it was used and some stranger's dirty underwear had been in it but the lady who was selling it said it had only been used once so Jen bought it. For a Mumford and Sons concert, I think I could dig deep and find the courage to share Jen's contaminated suitcase.

05-19-2012  day with jen
I think we make a pretty intimidating alliance against the evil forces of life.
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Pam said...

I spit out my coffee when I read the crotch and progress part! That was priceless! And I'm with you on the used swimsuit thing, ewww!

Jenifer said...

What a fun day =) I am gonna get the suitcase clean so we can plan our trip .. Or.... we may be able to find a 2nd hand store that sells undergarmets and swim suits over there so we really wouldn't need one !!

Kendra said...

Ha! Reverse psychology! I'll use the suitcase. Just please stop putting frightening, disturbing scenarios in my brain!

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