Thursday, May 17, 2012

Jam Session

05-16-2012 strawberry jam
This is how I spent yesterday afternoon. . .

05-17-2012 strawberry jam 2
and the fruits of my labor. I know. That was a groaner.

I'm working on an article for Fiskars so if you've ever thought you might like to make your own strawberry jam, stay tuned.

I listened to the new John Mayer album while I made it. You can listen to it for free on iTunes until it releases next week, I believe. It wasn't really jam-making music. At least it's not making-jam-when-you're-home-alone music. I felt all mellow and lonely when I was finished. I should have listened to this instead.

I know. Stop already with the corny jokes. But if I hadn't made it, you probably wouldn't have watched the video and would have missed out on a smile. Because you can't watch this and not smile at the end of it.

This afternoon was spent in the garden mulching the tomato plants and planting seed. (I'm ridiculously behind this year.) Then it was off to do some proud-mom raucous clapping. At least that's what I was doing in my head because my hands were busy trying to take photos. The achievement was so good it merited frozen custard afterwards. I'll share that story next time.
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