Tuesday, May 8, 2012

One of the Few Joys of Disorganization

I'm working on a project for Fiskars today and going through old photos looking for one in particular. Unfortunately, I took it when I still filed my photos in folders labled by date. And fortunately, I took it when I still filed my photos in folders labled by date. It's a slow process going through the folders looking for the photos I need but it's always so cool to go back through old photos.

will with popsicle 4
I found these a bit ago and they are a couple of my favorites I've ever taken of Will. So many memories right here. They are from my film days. I'm not sure if it was when I swore I was never going to use digital or if it was when I was submitting layouts to any magazine that paid money trying to save up enough to buy the digital camera I once scoffed at. Memory #1. My camera history.

I'm also taken back to the summer Will would not wear anything but these snow boots. I took these on an uncharacteristically warm winter day. But when August rolled around, you could still find him running around outside in these boots and those shorts. He liked them because we walked down to the river a lot that summer and his little feet didn't get hurt on the rocks when he was wading. They smelled atrocious from the combination of sweaty feet and being full of river water all the time and it nearly drove Shawn out of his mind that Will wore them when it was 100 degrees outside. I didn't mind because it meant I had to spend less time nagging about watching for snakes. If you've followed my blog for a while, you may remember my history with snakes around here and how I feel about them. Memory #2. The summer of the snow boots.

I'm sure you've noticed by now Will's shorts are on backwards. That was a big point of contention between Shawn and me at this age. Will put his pants on backwards every single day. I thought it was funny and never made him turn them around unless we were going out in public. Shawn thought we should turn them around the right way. The little irritations and battles can be fun because they are safe. Marriages don't end, or even have to be miserable, because of little things like backwards short. Your kids get to see marriage isn't about always agreeing. Or always winning your battles. Memory #2. The year of backwards clothing.

will with popsicle 3
And then there is this one. Be. Still. My. Heart. That hair. I still beg and plead with him to wear his hair like this. I think he should wear it like this forever and ever. Right now he prefers a mohawk. Hmph. Memory #3. My child with the perfect shaggy blonde hair.

will snowboots layout
The memories tied to these photos go beyond just that day I took them. They also remind me of the days when I was in love with scrapbooking and I used them to make this layout for one of Elsie'sbooks. It reminds me of the hours I spent sitting in her apartment watching her work her magic with paints and pens and photos, of the time we spent organizing layouts and writing copy and helping Candice Stringham with the photo shoot. Elsie did so much to build my confidence. Her encouragement and confidence in me to contribute to her books is why today I get paid every month to do something I love. I would sew and make books and take photos and garden and write and encourage others to be creative anyway. That someone pays me to do it is crazy and awesome and humbling. Memory #4. My gratitude to Elsie.

The icons on the buttons of my camera are almost worn off. There's a chunk missing from the rubber eyepiece. The texture on the grips is nearly worn smooth. Every crevice is dusty. The sensor has spots on it. The ISO on it is terrible. I talk incessantly about "someday" getting to replace it with something newer and better but it's faithfully worked the 56,708 times I've pressed the shutter relase button. It's frozen thousands of moments in time for me to go back through and relive some day, just like I have today.

P.S. If you're curious to know how many photos you've taken with your camera, go to MyShutterCount.com.
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