Friday, June 15, 2012

A Little Saturday Shopping on a Friday

It's Saturday! Not really. It's actually Friday. But it's my Saturday. I got out for a morning of shopping all by myself. And I did it without a headful of worries about people being irritated with me for deadlines I'm late on. I over-committed on projects with due dates for the last month and as a result I've been grumpy. That old adage If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all, it's kept me from posting too much on Facebook and from blogging. I got to spend time in the garden yesterday and it's amazing what that does for your attitude. The boys and my mother-in-law completely weeded it while I was working so I got to do the relaxing stuff like water and just admire. And I get to harvest a cabbage today.

I had a few goals during my shopping trip today. I'm not fun to shop with and I was all alone so I wanted to make sure and get a few things I've been needing. I'm a picky shopper so it takes me forever to make decisions. The first problem is I always naturally gravitate toward the most expensive choice. Then I sit and stare for a long time lamenting my frugal gene that never allows me to purchase what I naturally gravitate towards. I think that is the root of my love of thrifting. Good quality stuff for the cheapskate. Quality is not the only thing I'm picky about. Shirts never look right. The busy pattern clashes with my curly hair, they're too short or they're too tight and touch my armpits. I always wonder if I'm the only person in the world that is bothered by that because everyone laughs at me when I share that! Jeans never fit right. The waist is cut too low or too high. They have rhinestones or those "distressed" creases behind the knees that really just make them look like they've never been washed. Shoes have to feel like slippers on my feet or I won't purchase them. And I don't like cheap shoes. Natural materials like canvas are OK and flip flops are fine. But fake leather, I don't like the feel of it. So I rarely own cute shoes, which is pretty stupid, really, because I have a choice between always owning cute shoes that are fake leather or owning leather ones that look like I've worn them for 10 years . . . because I have. And I choose the latter. Well, a new pair of tennis shoes was on my list of goals today. Which brings me to another picky area. All these bright colored tennis shoes, they look like all the companies were planning on competing at a clown convention. So I set out to find non-clown tennis shoes that felt like slippers on my feet. I looked around until I found white leather tennis shoes. Then I realized I was in the walking-shoe section, which is coincidentally where I bought my last pair of tennis shoes and told myself it was just a fluke. If you don't know why that concerned me, it means I was in the shoe section where my Granny would find shoes she likes. Don't judge me for stereotyping. Grasshopper brand was in there. Tell me you did not think of a little grey-haired lady when you read Grasshopper. I realize my son and his friends think I am old. When I was their age, 41 was old. But now that I'm 41, I realize how wrong I was and how wrong they are. I come by this reasoning honestly. Both of my grandmothers are in their 80s and they both, when asked about living in retirement communities say, "I don't belong there with all those old ladies!" I know there are younger people who walk and probably purchase white leather walking shoes, but I would bet a large sum of money that the majority of walking shoes are purchased by older people. So there I was today in the shoe store staring at the white leather Keds that were right next to the Grasshoppers. The same Grasshoppers that 2 grey-haired women came to check out as I looked at the Keds.

new shoes
I bought them. I've wearing them around the house but I'm not sure I'm going to keep them because they press on my bunion. I'm an exceptionally young bunion sufferer!

Another goal was to find new sunglasses. I don't like rhinestones. I don't like flourishes stamped on the earpieces. Jackie O.-big does not look glamorous on my face. Right there, 75% of my options were eliminated. I have crooked ears which makes sunglasses sit obviously crooked on my nose and I have a high arch to my eyebrows so the lenses have to be big enough to cover my eyebrows. Otherwise, the gap under the arches is different. My eyelashes are so long that I can't wear wraparounds because my eyelashes rub on them. I looked through 7 different display racks and when I got to the last one, I found these.

new sunglasses
Thank you, Daisy Fuentes. These are the first sunglasses I've owned in about 3 years. I'm your biggest fan. The fan who missed cloning out the Oreo cookie crumb from her lip in Photoshop.

When I got home, Will wanted to see what I bought. I showed him my new shoes first. He said, "Those are the most awesome shoes! Are they Chucks?!!"
shoes will wanted
I took that response as the highest compliment from someone who begged for these shoes the last time I took him to buy shoes.

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