Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Why I'm Still Blogging

there is beauty everywhere
A little peek at a project for Fiskars that I finished last night. When I finished, the little pieces of paper the quote is printed on looked dull and unfinished to me. When I'm at the end of a project, I'm tired of sifting through my supplies looking for "the" thing I need when I don't know what that thing is so I start looking at my immediate surroundings for "the" thing. Yesterday, the final touch to something I'd invested a whole lot of time in planning, executing, photographing, and writing up instructions for was found sitting next to me on the kitchen table. I grabbed it, cut little pieces from it, and glued them to the paper strips. It was something that annoys us all, a plastic grocery sack from my trip to the store earlier in the day. There is beauty everywhere.

Shawn came here last night and laughed. He said, "You haven't updated your blog in 2 months? Where are you putting everything?" "The Baby" (my camera) certainly hasn't been absent from our lives the past 2 months so he knew I was sharing our lives somewhere. I could have been defensive and replied, "You haven't checked my blog in 2 months?" He wisely taught me long ago to focus on the issue at hand because going off on tangents only leads to more tangents and fights that never end so I decided to just answer his question. "Facebook." I admit with shame that Facebook has replaced my blogging. I've watched many of my friends' blogs close down over the years and eventually have seen them proclaim on Facebook that Facebook was the reason. Facebook is fast and it's easy. Everyone expects short and sweet so there is no need to justify taking the easy route. I used to look at those Facebook posts and shake my head. I was never going to do that. I enjoy far too much things like:
  • sharing my thoughts on life.
  • trying to motivate people to always try to find the good in life.
  • sharing details of Shawn's embarrassing moments,
  • making fun of myself (which Shawn says I never do but I say that photo of me should be all I ever need to share to refute that argument).
  • playing terrible, awful, mean tricks on our children.
  • sharing the ridiculously cute things our kids do.
  • bragging on my husband's skillz with crooked, overprocessed photos of our house.
  • making fun of the dog at completely inappropriate times.

    And I can't let you forget my favorite one:
  • sharing the details of Shawn's embarrassing moments.

    So while the hits to my blog may have dropped off dramatically over the years with advent of an abundance of blogs that are better designed and with more organized content, the introduction of Facebook, and my lack of consistency in posting, I think I'll stick around a little longer. There is a lot of history recorded here and it's fun to go back and remember. If nothing else, occasionally I share accidental discoveries that might be of value to the world, important things such as ways to keep the lowly, annoying plastic grocery sack out of landfills. Or from sticking to your windshield as you drive down the highway.
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    tammy graves said...

    Hi Kendra! So glad you have come back! I am NOT a facebooker and love blogs....i will admit that yours is one of the few I HAVE to check if i only have a small amount of time to do so...so i have been sad that you haven't been around...my son says i will be one of the last people on facebook...he is wrong...i will NEVER be on facebook! i so love all your stories and adore your scrapbooking style and have missed it! Thanks for updating...i was worried you left us forever!

    Pam said...

    I for one am glad to hear it! :)

    Michelle said...

    still reading !

    Anonymous said...

    I'm not a facebooker, either, but enjoy a good blog, which keeps me checking in on yours when I have time - glad to see you are back! Judy D.

    Jess Judkins said...

    I've been posting allot more on IG instead of my blog or facebook. My husband took a year long break from FB and when he came back on (yesterday) I realized I haven't been as dedicated about posting pictures of Judah up on facebook like I used to. Then I felt guilty because FB is my family in New Englands only way of seeing how Judah is growing.

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